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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install the tires there?
A Yes.

Most Mounting and Balancing (on our tires) is $20.00 per tire.
How do we calculate tread depth?
A We take an average measurement from different points on the tire
and average it over all tires in that group (set, pair, etc).
Tread depths will vary between tires. Average tread depth may be off
with a margin of error of +/- 1-2/32nds depending on where the tire was
Do you offer a warranty on your tires?
A Yes.

We offer two types of warranties which can be purchased.

We offer a 30 day warranty that can be purchased for $10.00 per tire.
This protects the tire against defects such as bubbles and separations.
It does not cover road hazard injuries to the tires

We offer a road hazard warranty that can be purchased for $20.00 per tire.
This covers the tire against becoming unserviceable due to an injury.
It covers the tire down to 2/32nds of an inch of tread.

All tires purchased without a warranty are purchased as is.
Can I just come in and look through all your tires?
A No. Sorry

We are by appointment only.
We take appointments between 9:00am and 2:00pm on Monday thru Friday.

Tires are locked up indoors and need to be pulled to show them to you.
Please call us to let us know which tires you are interested in so we can have them ready for you.
Please know that sometimes, when we have an empty day without appointments, we will close down early to give our employees a break. So make sure you call to make sure we are here before heading down.
Where do you get all your used tires from?
A We get our used tires from tire wholesalers.
Where they get them from is unknown, but many do come from dealerships.
This being said, we cannot tell you the history of the used tires.
Are the risks different between driving new and used tires?
A Absolutely.

Used tires carry much more risk.
Frankly, you don't know why the previous person took them off.
It could be because he wanted a different size tire and wheel.
It could also be because his son took the car romping and he lost confidence with the tires.
We just don't know.

The primary advantage of the used tire is that the cost is significantly less than new tires.
And in most cases, the tires will last a long time without problem.

If you do not want to take the risk with used tires, please buy new tires.
Do you ship your tires?
A Yes and No.

We do periodically ship tires, but the shipping costs are outrageous.
We will ship through FexEx Ground and we do not mark up the cost of the shipping.
If we quote out the shipping for you it will be the exact cost from the shipper; so please do not ask for discounted shipping.

Normally, we will only permit shipping on exceptional tires, without flaw. As, we don't want you to have any complaints with our tires and need to pay to have the tires shipped back.
Of course, not all tires fall into that category. If we feel that you may have issues with the tire, we will notify you of the issue and let you make the decision as to whether or not to have the tire shipped to you. If we don't hear back from you, we will void the transaction and return your payment until we can confirm with you your acceptance of any issues.
We do not mean to be a pain, but we really strive to ensure that you are happy with any purchases that you make with us.
Before we ship a tire, we will water test it (checking it for leaks). We will not ship a tire that leaks.

If, during our final inspection, if we find an issue with the tire, we will cancel the transaction, refund any payment, and notify you that the tire was not a candidate for shipping.

If you have any questions about a tire, please ask us before purchasing the tire.

Please note, that the buyer will pay all shipping from and to our facility. Consider carefully if the cost of shipping and the risk involved makes sense for your situation.
Do I need to pay tax on used tires?
A Yes and No.

You need to pay sales tax on all tires (new and used), which in Phoenix is currently 8.6%.
You do not need to pay the EPA tax on used tires, because that was already paid when the tire was purchased new.
If I make an appointment, will you reserve the tires for me?
A No.

We schedule appointments so that we can have staff available to show and install your tires.
If you want us to reserve tires for you, you would need to place a deposit on the tires.
If tires are not held by a deposit, we must sell them to the first customer with cash in hand.
We will make every effort to let you know, ahead of time, the tires you were interested in have been sold.